Gotta Draw!!!

Armed with new colored pencils and a new sketchbook, I did some drawings this week that I really enjoyed and hope to do more like, only better!

Celebrate the livin

I did this one because our family suffered the loss of a friend a couple weeks ago.  Since then, the holy days of Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras, the last day before the observation of Lent begins), and Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) have passed.  With the passing of Mardi Gras so close to the passing of our friend, naturally I thought of the beautiful traditional funerals in New Orleans- the black parasols trimmed with feathers, the parades of mourners through the streets.  Ash Wednesday is a Catholic holy day when the faithful are blessed with a cross of ash on their foreheads, to carry through the day as a symbol of the faith and a way to spread the gospel.  In this drawing, I expressed the need for us to celebrate life to combat the grief of loss, and to strengthen our faith to carry us through the struggle.

“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” -Dolly Parton as Truvy in Steel Magnolias.

blonde flapper brunette flapper


These ladies had less thought behind them.  I was just practicing drawing this style of portraits from looking at small, grainy photos as reference.

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