Hi I’m Fronkie!  I’m an artist, mommy, nerd, musician, and aspiring shaman of sorts. I love to make sure people are having a good time and help them live to their full potential.  I’ve been drawing habitually and obsessively since I could hold a crayon, and I’m always pursuing growth.  I started tattooing in April of 2005 in Tallahassee, FL. In 2008, I opened my own shop, called Sistine Skin.  I found a family of tattooers in Ink Fusion Empire, a group of talented tattooers from around the world who share a love of all things nerd culture and meet at comic, sci-fi and horror conventions throughout the year. In the fall of 2012, I moved to southern Maryland, and after taking some time out to welcome my first child to the world, started working at King of the Bay Tattoos.

With the help of some really inspiring people, I turned a new leaf in my perspective, discipline, and motivation.  The publication of this website marks the beginning of a new surge in inspiration, a new brand of muse- dedication.  Focus.

In 2015, after a deeply felt personal loss, I lost my damn mind. I felt called to leave the tattoo industry and pursue my childhood dream of becoming an illustrator.  After taking another break to have my second daughter, I returned to school at the community college and began looking around the country for the perfect illustration BFA program.

In the Fall of 2017, as my children grew to a more independent age, I was ready to return to my professional home, tattooing. I went back to King of the Bay while I finished up a couple semesters. My husband allowed him to work remotely, so we seized the opportunity to move to Richmond, VA, a flourishing art and music city.

Through the hardships tattooing puts the body through, I have learned the necessity to treat my body with love and care, and I want to teach others the same. So now I’m studying to teach yoga as well.

Within this website you can find my portfolio, and perhaps some stories or musings of my own.  Whoever you are, thanks for looking, and I wish you a fantastic journey.


  1. Lyle · August 23, 2015

    Fronkie, are you retired for good or just on an open ended hiatus? I am just wondering, for future work, if I should find a new artist or hold out for a while till my favorite one comes back.


    • fronkielheureux · October 2, 2015

      If I come back, it will be in a few years most likely. Thanks for asking! If you want a tattoo soon, I always recommend researching other artists, there are many out there with way more skill than I possess.


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