Cancellation Designs

I don’t need to tell you things have been crazy lately. Last-minute cancellations used to be extremely rare. But they’re becoming more and more common in the age of Covid-19. In an effort to change a negative to a positive I’ve been taking all my free time to build up a selection of rad tattoos to have available for anyone who wants to claim a last-minute opening. On top of that, I’m donating half my cut for the entire project to Mutual Aid RVA or the enviro/social/economic justice organization of your choice. The bigger the tattoo, the bigger our positive impact.

Click here to sign up for email alerts when I have a last minute opening. Check out the designs below. Which one is for you?

Mushy lady- thigh, calf, half-sleeve
Pan- outer forearm or calf
Texas Satanic Temple- forearm, leg
Rosy-fingered Dawn
Magic Mercury
Angelic Journey
Succulent 1
Succulent 2
Succulent 3
Succulent 4
Dusky Mother Nature
Slow is Smooth
Fae Folk
Yule Babe
Steam Punk Flamingo
Refuse to Blink
Pick a demon baby for $200
Secret Love
Eris Sleeve (goddess of chaos)
In The Cards