Back to School

That’s right!  I’m back in school, picking up where I left off in 2007 when I was medically withdrawn from classes and subsequently lost my scholarship for having too few credits in the required time.  I’ve been attending classes at College of Southern Maryland, I have a 4.0 average, and I’m applying to the best art schools around the country for a BFA in Illustration.

There are some barriers for me, especially with the kids.  But for once I can say those barriers are no longer internal.  I return with the work ethic I learned from years of experience.  I return with a new attitude- not “what can the school give me?” but “what can I give the school?”  And there is nothing I can’t do if I decide I’m going to do it.

If you’re checking out my page looking for my portfolio, click the 3 little lines at the top left of the page for a site menu.  Thanks for looking!

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